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The Finnish Psychiatric Birth Cohort Consortium (PSYCOHORTS) combines the major prospectively designed Finnish psychiatric birth cohorts. It comprises of the following prospective birth cohorts in Finland the Northern Finland Birth Cohorts 1966 and 1986 (NFBC) Finnish 1981 Birth Cohort Study (FBCS-1981) Finnish Prenatal Studies (FIPS) 1987 and 1997 Birth Cohorts SSRI pregnancy cohort Southwest Finland…


Cosortium director Andre Sourander, University of Turku Consortium parties Juha Veijola, University of Oulu Mika Gissler, National Institute for Health and Welfare  


Mental disorders are one of the leadings cause of disability and premature mortality in children, adolescents and working age population. Their prevention and effective treatment should be a public health priority. Marginalization and inequalities in health, income and other life chance opportunities are strongly associated with psychiatric problems and contribute to their intergenerational transmission. Unique…